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Canadarm developer partners in bioengineering project for medical robotics

Hamilton, ON – September 20, 2004 – MDA, the company that developed the Canadarm used in space by NASA, is partnering with the engineering faculty at McMaster University to do research into medical robotics.

The $450,000 commitment from MDA will launch the Faculty of Engineering’s new school in biomedical engineering and create a medical robotics laboratory.

“Sponsoring the medical robotics laboratory, part of the proposed McMaster School of BioMedical Engineering, provides an opportunity to partner with one of Canada’s leading Universities,” says Mag Iskander, vice president and general manager of MDA Space Group. “We are excited at the potential to advance research in robotic technology for the medical field.”

Medical robotics is a remarkable technology that can provide health care to geographic areas that have limited access to medical specialists using tele-robotic surgery.

“MDA is a leader in robotics technology,” said Peter George, president and vice-chancellor, McMaster University. “Their highly sophisticated technology has paved the way for a revolutionary new generation of robotics to help mankind."

“The proposed new school in biomedical engineering will be a joint undertaking of the university’s faculties of engineering and health sciences,” said Mo Elbestawi, dean of the Faculty of Engineering. “The two faculties have come together to form a strong partnership that builds on each others’ strengths.”

The mandate of the school is to create interdisciplinary research and educational programs of internationally recognized excellence, creating a unique collaborative environment that leverages existing expertise in medical sciences and engineering. It will link current and emerging areas of molecular, medical and engineering research.

MDA’s commitment to support McMaster University programs will strengthen capabilities in the area of medical robotics greatly influencing research leading to the production and commercialization of robotics in biomedical engineering.

Using tele-robotic surgery, the technology of medical robotics can provide health care to geographic areas with limited access to medical specialists.