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ARC collaborates with Idaho National Laboratory to explore energy options

Edmonton, AB – The Alberta Research Council (ARC) is collaborating with a top American energy organization, Idaho National Laboratory, to research energy options and provide the scientific and engineering information that will help guide industry and policy-makers through a maze of energy technology alternatives.

The two research and development organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on a series of energy/environmental research and development initiatives. One of the many concepts the organizations will be evaluating is the potential application of current and future nuclear energy technology within the context of Alberta’s specific conditions and industry applications.

“As a leading research and development agency in North America, Alberta Research Council routinely looks to focus its own efforts and to add to its skills by forming strategic relationships with other credible agencies to benefit Albertans,” says Ian Potter, ARC vice-president of energy. “The MOU with INL provides mutually beneficial expertise that will be critical in the orderly assessment and development of Alberta’s natural resources in an energy dependent world. We are confident that work carried out under the MOU with INL will enable us to provide solid information on these energy options to industry, the public and policy-makers.”

INL and ARC will collaboratively develop an advisory report covering various aspects of potential introduction of nuclear energy into Alberta, for both electrical generation and also in relation to possible interaction in oil sands development. They will pay specific attention to environmental impact, industrial integration and holistic cost-effectiveness.