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ACAHO responds to federal/provincial healthcare deal

Ottawa, ON – September 17, 2004 – The Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations (ACAHO) – the national voice of teaching hospitals and research centres that are part of regional health authorities – says it is pleased and encouraged that first ministers have agreed to a ten-year plan that includes a federal fiscal framework, and shared action plan for the future of the health system.

“This is an important agreement that focuses on Canadians’ most pressing concern; timely access to quality health services,” said Joe de Mora, president of ACAHO, and president and CEO of the Kingston General Hospital. “As leaders in the system, we continue to develop effective wait time management tools and strategies to improve the responsiveness of the system. In this regard, we look forward to working closely with federal, provincial and territorial governments, and other providers in sharing best practices, and establishing comparable indicators and evidence-based benchmarks over the coming years.”

The association also views the creation of a targeted wait time fund, and investments in health human resources, home care, primary care and pharmaceuticals as important elements to improve the overall functioning and cohesiveness of the health system.

Finally, ACAHO says it is very encouraged that first ministers recognized the role of research and innovation. In its view, investments in health research will continue to provide Canadians with innovative and evidence-based solutions to improve our collective health status, the manner in which we deliver care, and our ability to prosper on a sustained economic basis.