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$7.6M supports basic and applied research projects

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Research Fund is providing nearly $7.6 million in funding to support basic and applied research projects across the province.

A total of 46 projects at 13 institutions have received funding. Following is a list of the projects that received funding, arranged by institutions in alphabetical order. Details include leader researcher, project and funding amount.

Brock University:

– Dr Elizabeth Greene. Advancing knowledge of ancient trade and technology. $34,867

– Dr Vincenzo De Luca. Facility for Small Molecule Analysis and Quantification. $85,972.

Carleton University:

– Dr David Asner. Discovering the origins of the universe. $115,000.

– Dr Alex Ellery. Developing smart robots. $177,427.

– Dr Jeffrey Manthorpe. Using sulphur to construct organic molecules for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. $120,000.

– Dr Kevin Graham. Discovering the role of neutrinos in the evolution of the universe. $120,000.

– Dr Jeffery Dawson. Studying insect flight. $116,785.

Lakehead University:

– Dr Alex Lawson. Helping children get the best math education possible. $42,499.

Laurentian University:

– Dr James Watterson, Dr Nelson Belzile. Developing ways to improve detection of trace chemicals in decomposed remains. $66,733.

– Dr Pedro Jugo. Developing new ways to predict the location of mineral deposits. $49,295.

McMaster University:

– Dr Bruce Gaulin. Developing new materials with new properties. $363,038.

Queen’s University:

– Dr Ian Moore, Dr Richard Brachman. Making our infrastructure safer. $236,809.

– Dr Mark Boulay. Searching for the origins of the universe. $401,391.

– Dr Mark Daymond, Dr Keith Pilkey. Developing materials with new properties. $374,804.

– Dr Ugo Piomelli. Furthering our understanding of turbulence. $125,000.

– Dr Tucker Carrington. Uncovering the secrets of molecular particles. $75,000.

– Dr Timothy McKenna. Creating the next generation of plastics and synthetic materials. $250,000.

The University of Western Ontario:

– Dr Jose Herrera. Discovering new nanomaterials to benefit Ontario’s advanced materials industry. $167,146.

– Dr Gail Atkinson. Improving our ability to predict earthquakes. $186,372.

– Dr Xuelaing Sun. Using nanotechnology to develop better fuel cells. $299,499.

– Dr Franois Lagugn-Labarthet. A step forward in realizing the full potential of nano-objects. $262,301.

Trent University:

– Dr Barry Saville. Developing DNA tools to identify and track bioterrorism sources. $139,557.

University of Guelph:

– Dr De-Tong Jiang. Developing new technologies with applications for electronics. $148,350.

– Dr Trevor DeVries. Discovering more about animal behaviour to help Ontario’s dairy and equine industries. $248,367.

– Dr Myrna Dawson. Researching effectiveness of criminal violence resources. $101,443.

University of Ottawa:

– Dr Karin Hinzer. Using nanotechnology to harness and use light in new ways. $119,999.

– Dr Murat Saatcioglu. Developing ways to protect critical infrastructure. $196,000.

– Dr David L Bryce. Advancing knowledge through the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei. $250,000.

– Dr David Bickel. Advancing the science of bioinformatics to accelerate development of new drugs. $23,088.

– Dr Muralee Murugesu. Exploiting the properties of magnets to develop new materials. $225,000.

– Dr Lucie Lamarche. Improving the way human rights research is conducted. $94,376.

University of Toronto:

– Dr Mark Taylor. Developing new chemical tools to solve problems of critical importance. $330,000.

– Dr Geoffrey Ozin. Developing the next generation of information technology components. $40,000.

– Dr Joseph Thywissen. Creating a new type of microscope to image ultra-cold atoms. $140,000.

– Dr Doug Stephan. Developing new materials and process technologies. $400,000.

– Dr Jack Quarter. A database to help organizations calculate the value of volunteer contributions. $100,000.

– Dr Benjamin Levin. Testing educational success through new research. $198,000.

– Dr Timothy Barfoot. Creating independent robots. $200,872.

– Dr Karen Mundy. Developing education cooperation/collaboration across borders. $60,108.

– Dr Steven Short. Discovering how viruses affect the foundation of the aquatic food chain. $142,184.

University of Waterloo:

– Dr Thorsten Hesjedal. Developing next-generation devices with fascinating properties. $100,000.

– Dr Janusz Pawliszyn. Advancing on-site systems analysis. $270,230.

– Dr Karim Karim. Developing clearer X-ray images with lower X-ray doses. $100,000.

– Dr Pavle Radovanovic. Creating better high-density data storage. $205,000.

Wilfrid Laurier University:

– Dr Joanne Lee. Helping improve the way children learn math. $42,818.

– Dr Kenneth Maly. Designing organic materials for new applications. $43,055.