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$665M for research infrastructure across Canada

Ottawa, ON – At the University of Ottawa yesterday, Dr Eliot Phillipson, president and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Tony Clement, minister of industry, announced more than $665 million for new infrastructure at 41 Canadian research institutions. Supporting 133 projects, the funding will help the institutions purchase equipment and improve research facilities.

“By investing in leading-edge research infrastructure, we are ensuring that our country continues to prosper as a nation of innovation,” said Dr Phillipson. “This new investment will substantially increase Canada’s capacity to carry out important world-class scientific research and technology development that will benefit all Canadians.”

Successful projects and funding are as follows:

Athabasca University
– Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory Upgrades of Research Infrastructure (AUGOURI); $661,297

Center for Addiction and Mental Health
– Transforming Lives: NeuroIMAGENE, the Convergence of Genetics and Brain Imaging in Mental Health and Addictions; $2,806,899

Concordia University
– Infrastructure for the Development of Advanced Composites and Nanocomposites; $1,048,340
– Institute for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies (HEXAGRAM), Phase 2; $1,833,955
– High Performance Mass Spectrometer for Metabolite Profiling, Reaction Monitoring, and Biomolecule Analysis; $466,107

Dalhousie University
– Equipment Enabling New Materials for Energy Production, Energy Storage and Sustainability; $724,248

École Polytechnique de Montréal
– Design, Test, Assembly and Packaging Platform for the Construction of Innovative Microsystems; $1,563,600
– Extended Facility for Advanced Millimeter-Wave Engineering (E-FAME); $2,713,143
– High-Performance Multi-Directional Structural Component Hybrid Testing System; 3 392 650 $
– A Facility for Verification and Validation of Simulations and Simulation-Based Optimisation of Fluid Flow Systems; $1,084,350
– FABULAS: Laser Assisted Fabrication and Sensor Characterisation Facility; $1,429,700
– Plateforme de recherches innovatrices en ingénierie de la santé musculo-squelettique; 2 $854,878
– Smart Coating Systems for Advanced Surface Engineering Solutions; 1 067 986 $
HEC Montréal
– Laboratoire de calcul et d’exploitation de données; $1,203,136
Hospital for Sick Children (The)
– Integrative Genomics for Health Research – Phase II; $4,276,707
– Disruptive Technologies in Paediatric and Foetal Intervention; $2,200,000

McGill University
– Laboratories for Broadband Optical and Wireless Systems (LBOWS); $5,518,560
– MIRGED: McGill/IRCM Research Group on Embryology and Disease; $4,307,709
– McGill University Life Sciences Complex: Disease to Therapy Initiative; $10,632,949
– Metabolism and Cancer: from Obesity to Cachexia; 3 869 519 $
– Toward a Healthy Environment: Green Chemistry and Green Chemicals; $8,320,447

McMaster University
– Auditory Interaction and Communication in Complex Environments: Neural, Developmental and Applied Aspects; $2,346,412
– Laboratory for Advanced Photovoltaic Research; $5,123,758
– Biointerfaces Institute; $7,227,158
– Centre for Advanced Nuclear Systems; $9,172,600
– McMaster Intense Positron Beam Facility; $2,326,166
– The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging: Understanding the Complexity of Aging Health Through Interdisciplinary Research; $10,215,493

Memorial University of Newfoundland
– Infrastructure for Cold-Water and Deep-Sea Research; $6,525,570

Mount Sinai Hospital
– A Clinical Phenotyping and Computational Facility for the Study of Complex Disease; $442,951
– Quantitative Cell Biology and Proteomics; $11,542,412
– The CMHD: An Integrated and Regional Platform for Mouse Models of Human Disease; $7,341,094

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
– Pancreatic Cancer Genome Project and Data Coordination Centre for the International Cancer Genome Consortium; $12,503,258

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
– Building on Success: Perimeter Institute Expansion for Global Leadership; $10,012,043

Queen’s University
– A Comprehensive Approach to Identifying Genes for Complex Genetic Disorders: Autism Spectrum Disorders & Beyond; $1,709,465
– Effects of the Geosphere-Biosphere Interface on Element Migration in the Near-Surface Environment; $1,996,087
– Integrated Technologies for Bone and Joint Health: Multi-Centre Infrastructure Development Program Phase 4; $696,481
– emSYSCAN – Embedded Systems Canada; $19,303,622
– Particle Astrophysics Experiments at SNOLAB – SNO+ and DEAP/CLEAN; $10,561,628
– Testing of Nuclear Materials in a Simulated Reactor Environment; $6,997,920
– Thin Film Coating Initiative: Advancing Technology Development and Industrial Applications; $1,452,360

Ryerson University
– WindTech R&D: Expansion of the Laboratory for Electric Drive Application and Research (LEDAR) to Advance Wind Technology; $729,771
– EDGE: Experiential Design and Gaming Environment; $424,538
Saint Mary’s University
– ISAC Charged Particle Spectroscopy Station (IRIS); $535,598

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
– An Integrated Breast Cancer Research Biomatrix; $737,246
Université Laval
– Extention of Bio-Imaging Platform for Vaccine Development and Investigations on Host-Pathogen Interactions; $1,218,051
– Laboratoire sur le développement durable des infrastructures publiques; $ 7,000,000
– Laboratoire de physiologie intégrative en sciences animales; $2,203,653

Université de Montréal
– A Multi-Site, Integrated National Technology Platform for Mapping Protein Interaction Networks in Health and Disease; $9,161,648
– Innovations in Cardiovascular Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy to Improve Patient Management; $3,999,245
– Linking Basic, Clinical & Population Health Research to Prevent & Treat Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Complications; $6,200,164
– Rehaussement de l’observatoire du Mont Mégantic et développement d’instrumentation astronomique d’avant-garde; $4,680,048
– Research Platform on Nanostructured Materials and Devices for Optoelectronics; $2,949,485
– Communication and Imaging Infrastructure for the Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN); $8,655,594
– Discovery, Development and Validation of Biomarkers and Theragnostic Approaches; $9,164,850
– New Infrastructure for a Continuous Flow Synthesis Laboratory; $1,769,719
– Regional Center for Arrhythmias in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD); $2,468,000
– Xénobiotiques et nanoparticules: nouvelles approches pour la caractérisation, l’expologie et la biosurveillance; $1,838,583

Université de Sherbrooke
– Advanced Superconductivity Initiative; $3,953,700
– Laboratoire de métrologie de l’environnement par télédétection; $533,686
– Vibroacoustics of Large-Scale, Complex, Multi-Material Structures in Aerospace and Terrestrial Transport; $1,644,691
– i-MOVI – Interactive MOlecular MOdelling and Visualization Infrastructure; $2,377,939

Université du Québec en Outaouais
– Infrastructure for “Laboratory-on-the-Fiber” Photonic Sensor Research and Development; $663, 697
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
– Développement de l’infrastructure de recherche forestière du GR3MB; $583,172

Université du Québec à Montréal
– NT2 : Valorisation, interfaces et visualisation; $898,649
– Innovations in the Chronology of Global Changes: Dating Earth Surface Processes and Geological Hazards; $839,188

University Health Network
– Ontario Regional Center for Cell and Vector Production; $7,377,525
– NanoMed Fab: A Nanofabrication Centre for Personalized Medicine; $2,486,515
– Robotic Positioning for Image-Guided Surgery and Radiation Therapy; $5,558,903

University of Alberta
– Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory; $1,195,064
– Cell and Tissue Innovation Research Centre (CTIRC); $10,573,340
– ENVIRO-Net: Sensing our Changing Environment; $726,479
– Essential Infrastructure for the Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases; $3,956,872
– Geomechanical/Reservoir Experimental Facility (GeoREF): A Multidisciplinary Testing Environment for Geologic Materials; $1,630,060
– Instrumentation for Molecular Breeding for Specialty Oils; $2,498,516

University of British Columbia (The)
– Advanced Structural Biology for Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (ASTRID); $4,097,211
– Expansion of ICICS Facilities in Biomedical Technologies, Emergency Decision-Support, and Global Communications Systems; $5,177,560
– Innovative Technologies for Improved Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life After Spinal Cord Injury; $357,246
– Laser-Ultrasonic System for Innovative Microstructure Design; $436,911
– Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR); $2,981,589
– Ultra-High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Platform for Large Scale Genome Analysis; $10,065,940
– Bridging Life and Lab: Research on Embedded Attention Laboratory (REAL); $296,991
– Center for High Through-Put Phenogenomics; $3,770,352
– Centre for Biointerface Characterization (CBiC): From Molecular to Cellular and Macroscopic Properties; $2,572,512
– Centre for Research on Ultra-Cold Systems (CRUCS); $2,594,960
– Child & Family Research Imaging Facility; $4,848,759
– Low-Temperature Picometer Spatial Resolution Spectroscopic Scanning-Tunneling Microscope; $1,031,413

University of Calgary
– Regeneration Unit in Neurobiology (RUN); $1,296,372
– The Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar: A Space Science Initiative in Nunavut; $9,737,353

University of Guelph
– Centre For Biodiversity Genomics; $7,240,524
– Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses; $1,018,836
– Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei (GRIFFIN); $4,237,763

University of Lethbridge
– Southern Alberta Group for Epigenetic Studies (SAGES) – Epigenetic Regulation of Cell Memory and Stress Responses; $3,209,270

University of Manitoba
– The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy’s “LEADERS” Initiative: Leading-Edge Access and Data Enhancement Research Strategy; $1,453,780
– Three-Dimensional nanoBioMedical Imaging Node (3D-nBMIN); $1,226,064
– Manitoba Integrated Cell Purification and Analysis Unit; $596,246

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
– Centre for Characterization of Polymers and Cellular Polymeric Composites (CCPCPC); $342,159

University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa
– Canadian Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Facility; $8,409,245
– Sub-Wavelength Science; $4,296,167

University of Regina
– Planetary Pollution with Organic Nitrogen and other Biomolecules: The Emerging Threat to Sustainable Water Quality; $2,799,999
– Tera-Scale Informatics; $202,658

University of Toronto
– Advanced Thermal Spray Process Diagnostics and Coating Characterization Facilities; $1,602,731
– Center for the Neurobiology of Stress; $2,105,735
– Centre for Industrial Application of Microcellular Plastics; $3,644,498
– Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers (CSICOMP); $2,588,764
– Deciphering Cellular Networks in Health and Disease Using Automated Genetics and Cell Biology; $2,342,442
– High Field NMR Studies of Protein Molecules in Health and Disease; $4,595,843
– The Canadian Aerosol Research Network (CARN): Climate, Air Quality and Health in 2020; $6,059,069
– Advanced Laboratory for Fluorinated and Other New Substances in the Environment (ALFONSE); $712,000
– BioZone: A Bioengineering Research Facility for Energy, Environmental and Economic Sustainability; $2,533,654
– Center for Microsatellite Science and Technology Development and Low-Cost Space Research; $4,008,198
– Centre for Microfluidic Systems in Chemistry and Biology; $3,749,954
– Construction of a Centre for Collaborative Interactive Digital Media; $2,400,000
– Diet, the Digestive tract and Disease: The 3D Centre; $5,437,276
– Inclusive Design Institute; $6,207,874
– Molecular Imaging Facility: From Single Proteins to Atomically-Resolved Structural Dynamics; $1,002,090
– Ontario Initiative in Personalized Stem Cell Medicine; $9,932,011

University of Victoria
– A University-Based Vessel and ROV Platform for Multidisciplinary Ocean Research on Canada’s West Coast; $8,945,233
– Subsea Laboratories on VENUS: Enhancing the Capabilities of Canada’s Cabled Ocean Networks; $4,351,131
– The Multi-Object Adaptive Optics Test Bed; $2,433,172
– Superconducting Electron Accelerator at TRIUMF; $17,761,281

University of Waterloo
– Advanced Joining Facilities for Macro, Micro and Nano Level Fabrications; $1,183,608
– Smart Materials Ontario (SMO): Advancing New Functional Materials Technology; $2,903,866
– Facility for the Assessment of Engineered Rehabilitation Systems for Infrastructure Renewal; $468,909
– Materials and Manufacturing for Light Weight Automotive Structures and Advanced Occupant Protection; $3,774,926

University of Western Ontario (The)
– Enhancing the Science: Polarized Photons and Improved Endstations for the SGM and PGM at the Canadian Light Source; $1,618,902
– Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Intervention and Simulation; $2,577,602
– Capacities for a Sustainable Archaeology; $3,911,058
– The Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment (WindEEE) Dome; $9,476,388

University of Windsor
– Centre for High Efficiency Clean Diesel & Hybrid Powertrain Research; $1,438,631

University of Winnipeg (The)
– Canadian Spallation Ultracold Neutron Source; $4,225,000

Wilfrid Laurier University
– Developing the Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation Centre: A Multi-Disciplinary Facility for Parkinson’s Disease; $698,462
– Improving Canadian Capacity for Predicting the Impacts of Natural and Human Disturbances on Boreal Water Resources; $1,999,712

York University
– Canadian Centre for Field Robotics; $711,696