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$30M supports clean technology development

Ottawa, ON – Sustainable Development Technology Canada has approved $30 million in new funding for the development and demonstration of clean technologies. The money will be allocated to 13 projects, covering an array of clean technologies.

An energy production technology being developed will produce synthetic gas from the waste products of construction, demolition, and other urban wood sources. The gas will be used in combination with landfill biogas at a Quebec power plant. The advantages are twofold: the industrial steam boiler will use biofuel to produce green electricity and at the same time less waste will go to landfills.

Another project is focusing on increasing the lifespan of car tires by as much as 40%. Canada disposes of more than 25 million car tires each year about eight million in Ontario alone, of which 60 per cent end up in landfills.

A third project will develop and demonstrate a transmission-less hybrid drive and energy management system for mid-sized and large trucks. Use of this technology in combination with hybrid electric powertrains has the potential to reduce diesel fuel consumption by up to 60% in these trucks.

The organization also funded biofuel-related projects. Three projects were approved for funding in this round, including one that is developing a process to produce ethanol from a variety of waste sources.

Several projects also address the energy requirements of remote Canadian communities. One solution is to harness energy from strong winds located at an altitude of several hundred feet by using floating generators attached to helium balloons. Another project will help remote communities better manage their off grid power supplies through improved energy storage capabilities.

Two projects focussing on clean technologies used in the oil sands received a total of $2 million in funding.

SDTC will launch its next call for Statements of Interest on Jan 24, 2007. The upcoming call will include a request for projects with technologies that address climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil issues.