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$300,000 for medical drug research infrastructure in BC

Vancouver, BC – The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) in Vancouver is receiving $300,000 in funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada.

The organization provides a research and development infrastructure that helps health researchers collaborate, refine and develop their discoveries for commercial use. The centre, based at the University of British Columbia, will use these funds to establish laboratories and purchase essential lab equipment to advance promising early-stage medical discoveries towards commercialization.

It represents a collaborative approach by academia, government and the private sector to capitalize on therapeutic drug research and development. It will also train highly qualified people in related specialized fields and form a virtual network to help coordinate drug development research and commercialization.

“This funding is critical to CDRD establishing multiple state-of-the-art labs that will serve researchers and trainees across BC” says Natalie Dakers, CDRD’s chief executive officer. “It also reinforces Canada’s commitment to bridging the commercialization gap between research and the successful development of new medicines.”