Lab Canada

$3.5 million equipment upgrade for nanotechnology lab

Edmonton, AB – $3.5 million funding is being provided to the Alberta Centre for Advanced Microsystems and Nanotechnology Products (ACAMP) for acquiring specialized equipment that will better enable Alberta’s nanotechnology sector to bring their ideas and products to market. The funding is being provided by the federal government through the Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Under the project, ACAMP will acquire the first low-temperature ceramic packaging equipment in Canada that is able to support sensing and monitoring systems in oil and gas, bio-medical, environmental, agricultural and forestry applications. This will allow ACAMP to promote technology commercialization in promising areas within micro- and nano- technology.

“With WD’s support, small and medium-sized companies in Alberta will now have the capability to compete worldwide in the area of complex integrated systems,” said Ken Brizel, CEO of ACAMP. “Entrepreneurs and innovators will be able to use the cutting-edge equipment acquired under this project to develop new technologies and applications across a range of sectors.”

ACAMP says it is currently working with over 25 local companies in application areas including energy, health & medical, agriculture, forestry and environmental. These companies have developed advanced technologies that will address global market niches and are contributing to growing Alberta’s technological and economic impact on the world stage.