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$26M in infrastructure funding announced by CFI

Montreal, QC – The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced $26-million in infrastructure support for 136 projects at 40 universities.

“This funding will allow bright young researchers to turn their ideas into innovations that provide solutions to environmental, health, and other important challenges, in addition to improving our economic competitiveness,” says Dr Eliot Phillipson, president and CEO of the CFI.

$21,973,544 was awarded under the Leaders Opportunity Fund, an ongoing program designed to assist Canadian universities in attracting and retaining outstanding faculty members and researchers. The remaining $4,394,709 was awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund, an accompanying program that contributes to the incremental operating and maintenance costs of infrastructure projects funded by the CFI.

Following are the projects along with contribution, in alphabetical order by university:

Acadia University
– Laboratory for Photosciences; $128,893

British Columbia Institute of Technology
– Integrated Molecular Biology Laboratory (IMBL) for the Study of the Biological Activity and Safety of Natural Health Products; $207,743

Brock University
– A Neurophysiological Investigation of Language Processing; $83,884

Cape Breton University
– New N S Hybrid Ligands for Mono- and Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes – Synthesis, Characterization and Applications; $70,950

Carleton University
– Behavioural Acoustic Research Facility; $85,000
– Dietary Regulation of Cognitive Function and Brain Pathology During the Lifespan; $250,000

Dalhousie University
– Development and Optimization of Novel Nasal Drug Delivery Systems and Screening Methods; $123,236
– Infrastructure for Advanced Process Design in Water & Wastewater Treatment; $124,134
– Mucosal Immunology and Vaccinology Research Laboratory; $125,000

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
– Infrastructure for the Establishment of a Compressor and Fan Aerodynamics Laboratory; 125 000 $
– Thermo-Physical and Dynamic Characterization of Polymer Composites and Nano-Reinforced Composites; 125 000 $

Lakehead University
– Multi-Data Convergence Lab; $42,499

Laurentian University / Universite Laurentienne
– Multidisciplinary Qualitative Research Laboratory; $63,943

McGill University
– Alternative Fuels Combustion and Reformation Laboratory; 160 000 $
– Canadian Arctic Archipelago Buoy Program (CAABP); 60 000 $
– Green Chemistry Laboratory and Facility; 300 178 $
– Identification of Molecular Targets Involved in the Genesis of Pediatric High Grade Gliomas; 54 714 $
– Innovative Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Study of Attention, Behavior and Sleep in Canadian Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); 139 797 $
– Innovative Rehabilitation Techniques to Promote Recovery and Improve Upper Extremity Function in Persons with Motor Deficits; 149 600 $
– Installation of a State-of-the-Art Geophysical Data Processing Facility to Support Research in Gas Hydrates; 45 637 $
– Integrated Neurobiology of Pain Research Laboratory; 199 923 $
– Integrative Systems Neuroscience Lab for the Study of Neural Network Associated with Dopamine-Deficit Psychiatric Disorders; 119 739 $
– Laboratory for Multidisciplinary Research on Integrated Sensor Microsystems; 172 000 $
– Laboratory for Molecular Electronics and Organic Nanomaterials; 100 000 $
– Laboratory for the Study of Evolutionary Dynamics in Ecosystems; 109 733 $
– Micro- and Nano-scale Mechanical Test Facility for Biomimetics Research; 160 000 $
– Molecular Signatures Platform to Characterize Aggressive and Indolent Prostate Cancer; 61 200 $
– Nonlinear Signal Processing Infrastructure; 260 000 $
– Research Laboratory for Groundwater Hydrology; 60 000 $
– The Theory of Belief; 149 995 $
– Transposons to Genes: Laboratory Retooling for Novel Gene Discovery; 72 000 $

McMaster University
– Laboratory for the Structure of New Materials; $363,038
– Multi-Phase Flow Diagnostic Equipment for Flow Measurement of Critical Flows in Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants – Phase Doppler Anemometer; $106,313

Memorial University of Newfoundland
– Cognitive Aging and Memory Laboratory (CAMEL); $145,330
– Laboratory for Green Chemistry Research; $224,685
– Marine Geomatics Research Infrastructure – Underwater Mapping and Analysis; $83,962

Mount Saint Vincent University
– Laboratory to Support the Study of Vertebrate Craniofacial Development; $159,840

Nova Scotia Agricultural College
– Infrastructure for Enhancing Productivity, Sustainability and Resilience of Cool-Weather Edible Horticulture Ecosystems; $49,997

Queen’s University
– DEAP/CLEAN: Dark Matter Particle Search with Liquid Argon; $401,391
– Dysregulation of Cytokine Expression in HIV Pathogenesis; $176,000
– Pharmacoepidemiology and Economics Research Unit (PERU); $438,556

Saint Mary’s University
– Intertidal Coastal Sediment Transport (InCoaST) Research Unit; $134,847

Simon Fraser University
– Microscopy Facility for the Study of Protein Trafficking in Cultured Neurons; $100,000

Universite Laval
– A Large-Scale, Plurimodel Genomic Technology Platform for the Discovery of Molecular Links Between Aging and Metabolic Diseases; 102 022 $
– Advanced Imaging and Electrophysiology Facilities to Study Functional Biochemical Compartmentalization in Neuronal Dendrites; 280 733 $
– Infrastructure pour l’etude des tissus adipeux, du metabolisme lipidique et de la regulation du poids dans l’obesite; 178 229 $
– Laboratory for Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale Organic Materials; 217 760 $
– Neuromorphological and Neurophysiological Laboratory to Study the Neurogenetic Regulation of Energy Metabolism; 123 774 $
– Etablissement d’une plateforme d’etude de la microbiologie et la genetique des mycetes associes aux aliments; 124 802 $

Universite de Montreal
– An Infrared Integral Field Spectrograph for Exoplanet Detection; 80 351 $
– BioFemtoVision; 379 590 $
– Translational Research on Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Therapies; 319 966 $

Universite de Sherbrooke
– A Multidisciplinary Approach to Decipher the Biological Role of Ribosomal Protein Modifications; 115 463 $
– Plate-forme TEP/TEM/TDM operationnelle et polyvalente d’imagerie moleculaire sur modele animal pour la recherche biomedicale; 264 299 $

Universite du Quebec – Institut national de la rech. scientifique
– Advanced Optical Characterization Laboratory for Nanomaterials Development (AOCL): Steady-State and Time-Resolved Photoluminescence, and Spatial Spectral and Lifetime Mapping; 241 394 $
– Data and Research Infrastructures for Epidemiological Studies Using the Quebec BCG Immunization Registry; 198 207 $
– Laboratory for the Applications of Nonlinear Optical Microscopy in Biomedical Imaging (LANOMBI); 245 211 $

Universite du Quebec Tele-universite
– Entrepts de ressources d’apprentissage multimedia (ERASME); 399 884 $

Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi
– Infrastructure pour la recherche sur l’etude fonctionnelle et structurale de proteines ciblees par des etudes genomiques et impliquees dans des maladies; 246 429 $

Universite du Quebec a Montreal
– Infrastructure for Micro/Nano Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Devices; 283 030 $

University of Alberta
– Creation of a Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Laboratory at Campus Saint-Jean; $89,244
– Environmental Stress Physiology Laboratory; $215,042
– Hybrid Device Facility for Molecular Electronics; $349,664
– Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure for Enabling Innovative Geochronology; $400,000
– The Brain-Activity Basis of Human Memory, Attention and Motor Control; $220,708

University of British Columbia (The)
– A Computer Cluster and Workstations for Research on Grid Utility Services, Resource Management, and Computer Architecture; $84,
– Centre for Antibiotic, Neuroprotective, and Anti-Inflammatory Technologies; $192,810
– Community Geoinformatics Laboratory: A Space for Communities to Express their Knowledge of Place; $123,314
– Computer Aided Convex Analysis Laboratory; $62,783
– Creation, Dynamics, and Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Molecules in External Electric and Magnetic Field; $100,000
– Enabling Advances in Healthcare and Biomedical Research: Microfluidics Concepts for Innovative Bioanalysis Methods; $249,983
– Environmetrics Research Laboratory; $152,084
– Facility for Soil-Atmosphere Interactions; $144,761
– High-Throughput Laboratory for the Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products; $134,388
– High-Performance Proteomic Characterization of the Ubiquitin System Using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry; $109,117
– High-Speed Electronics for Particle Physics Experiments, Analysis of Data from ATLAS Experiment; $122,710
– Hip Fracture Risk Reduction: Pioneering Precise Prescriptions; $138,000
– Integrated Microfluidics for Molecular Diagnostics; $90,550
– Laboratory for Organometallic Chemistry of First-Row Transition Metals; $77,227
– Laboratory for Carbon Nanotube-Based Turnstile Vacuum Nanoelectronics; $120,590
– Nanowire and Nanostructured Device Characterization Laboratory; $120,790
– Neurophysiology of the Cervical Spine: Application of Robotics and Electroencephalography to Injury Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation; $119,806
– Rheo-Structural Characterization System for Complex Fluids; $124,424
– The Beta Cell Survival in Diabetes Research Laboratory; $121,997
– The Ecological and Conservation Genomics Laboratory: Investigating Genetic Level Responses of Living Systems to Changing Environments; $127,928
– VIVArc: Vancouver Immunity & Vaccine Analysis Research Center; $100,000

University of Guelph
– Integrated Digital Concept Mapping for Translation Between Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and Western Science in Resource Management; $58,144
– Laboratory for Organic Layered Material Growth and Synchrotron Radiation-based Structural Studies; $148,350
– Public Use Microdata Samples of the 1871 Census of Canada and the 1871 Census of Scotland; $250,000
– Raman Spectrometer and High-Pressure Apparatus for Aqueous Chemistry under Sub-Critical and Super-critical Conditions; $171,330

University of Manitoba (The)
– Protein X-ray Crystallography Laboratory; $389,649
– Small Scale Isotopic and Trace Element Variations in Environmental Materials; $323,447

University of New Brunswick
– Structural, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Characterizations of Active Surfaces of Novel Nano-Porous Materials; $316,871

University of Ottawa / Universite d’Ottawa
– Evolution of Animal Energetics Laboratory; $102,014
– Functional Genomic Laboratory for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Transcriptional Control of Muscle Development; $105,179
– MET Research: Computing Laboratory to Support Clinical Decision Making at the Point of Care in the Emergency Department; $103,900
– Protection of Critical Infrastructre Against Blast Hazard; $196,000
– e-Marketplaces for Safe and Fair Trade (e-MP) Laboratory; $39,080

University of Regina (The)
– Integrated Energy-Flux Monitoring System; $52,327
– Meso-scale Oedometer Test System (MOTS) for Sustainable Management of Civil Infrastructure, Georesources, and Solid Wastes; $114,000

University of Saskatchewan
– A Motion Capture System for Orthopaedic Biomechanics Research; $60,000
– Complete 2D Gel Based Proteomics Workplace; $62,286
– Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry for Environmental Soil Science; $60,100
– Lens-based Digital Research Lab; $24,800
– Two-photon Laser Imaging System to Study AstrocyteCerebrovascular Communication; $178,865
– U of S Northern Plant Ecology Laboratory (NPEL); $60,000

University of Toronto
– Facility for Microfluidics-Enabled Formation, Assembly and Integration of Structured (Bio) Materials; $100,000
– Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics; $100,000
– Maximum Information from Single-Molecule Fluorescence: An Innovative Microscope for Dynamics Studies of Biological Molecules; $232,000
– Modern Laboratory for Innovation in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis; $380,000
– Nod Proteins in Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases; $124,754
– Paleoclimate Laboratory; $118,922
– The Active Human Cell Map – Enabling Molecular and Genomic Medical Research; $142,517
– The Social-Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Motivation; $71,165
– Using Bone Marrow Transplantation for Analysis of Gene Function in Disease; $210,438
– VolunteersCount Infrastructure Grant; $100,000

University of Victoria
– Hi-Def Story Incubator Laboratory; $139,624
– STARCaL: A Tunable Laser in Space for Precision Telescope Calibration and Atmospheric Studies; $79,997

University of Waterloo
– Centre for Biophysical Research in Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation; $177,475
– Cryospheric Remote Sensing Research Facility; $243,070
– Laboratory for Optical Quantum Computation and Communication Technologies; $130,000
– Laboratory for the Synthesis, Physical and Thermodynamic Characterization of Novel Nanostructures for Applications in Chemical and Biological Systems; $146,000
– Quantum Heterostructure Optoelectronic Devices for Terahertz Applications; $100,000

University of Western Ontario (The)
– A Laboratory for the Investigation of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Metastasis; $159,823
– Laboratory to Examine Auditory Cortical Function Following Cochlear Implant; $179,997
– Laboratory to Test, Train, and Protect The Brain-Heart Connection; $337,200

University of Windsor
– Channel Characterization of Emerging Wireless Communication Systems; $50,000
– Confocal Microscope for Multichannel and Live Imaging; $50,000
– Facility for Investigating Hearing Mechanisms; $50,000

University of Winnipeg (The)
– In Vivo Experimental Animal Magnetic Resonance Microscopy Centre; $400,000
– International Indigenous Science Education Centre; $40,088

Wilfrid Laurier University
– The Role of Adult Math Talk, Language, and Gender on Mathematical Development in Children; $42,820

York University
– A New Protein Biophysics Laboratory at York University; $201,412
– From Perception to Memory: Population Dynamics in Local And Global Neural Ensembles; $197,527
– Infrastructure to Support Protein X-Ray Crystallography Studies for Structural Biology Research; $641,992
– Molecular and Neural Basis of Autism Spectrum Developmental Disorders; $203,494