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$15M funding advances foods and biomaterials research

Guelph, ON – The Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) says it is spending up to $12 million in funding over the next three years for 20 different projects ranging from researching microbial agents for food safety, to studying nutrigenomics and biomarkers of chronic disease to understanding the impact of Canada’s Natural Health Product Regulations. The projects are also receiving an additional $3 million in funding from industry and other public sector partners.

“AFMNet is helping ensure Canada’s pre-eminent role in foods and materials research,” says Dr Rickey Yada, AFMNet scientific director and food science professor at the University of Guelph. “The strong collaboration between diverse research disciplines, industry, government and policy makers is contributing to the integrated development of new products and services within a modern regulatory system.”

Each project will be led by one or more expert researchers who will coordinate a national team of investigators. More than 75 researchers at 24 universities across Canada will work on the 20 projects. Tania Framst, network manager, explains, “Our network fosters a unique environment where scientists, engineers, health scientists, lawyers and social scientists work effectively together to make new discoveries and solve existing problems of national relevance.”

AFMNet research is divided into three broad themes to help address issues of national significance on a timely basis: structure-dynamics-function of foods and bio-materials; functional foods and nutraceuticals; and genetics, ethics, economics, environment, law and society.

A detailed list of projects and project leaders can be found on the AFMNet website at