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$145M supports major science facilities across Canada

Ottawa, ON – The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has announced a total of $145 million in maintenance and operating support for Canada’s high-performing research facilities. The funding is being provided through the Major Science Initiatives fund.

Three facilities are the recipients of the $145 million in funding:

  • The Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan, where researchers are working with the scientific community to promote the use of synchrotron light;
  • Compute Canada Calcul Canada, a national network of computing resources who are working to ensure that Canadian researchers have the computational facilities and expert services necessary to advance scientific knowledge and innovation;
  • SNOLAB, a world-class neutrino and dark matter physics laboratory located two kilometres below the Earth’s surface in Sudbury, ON, which the government says is expected to generate $93 million in economic activity for the Ontario economy over the next five years.

The funding is in addition to the $32 million announced for Ocean Networks Canada last October.

“These facilities are all major drivers of economic and scientific productivity in Canada,” said Gilles G. Patry, president and CEO of the CFI. “We are pleased to be playing a role in their continued success.”