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Tech expo to profile cancer-related innovations for potential investors

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) says it will host a Technology Expo for the international financial community, featuring new cancer-related innovations and technologies that have emerged with the Institute’s support. The event will take place on June 23 at the MaRS Centre Auditorium in Toronto.

“The expo will provide investors with an opportunity to see first-hand some of the exciting new cancer innovations and technologies that have come out of Ontario’s cancer research community,” says Frank Stonebanks, chief commercial officer. “Many of these technologies are moving to commercialization, presenting unique opportunities for life science investors.”

OICR’s Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization Fund (IPDC Fund) provides financial support to advance select technologies to commercialization. IPDC Fund recipients will be present to discuss their technologies and meet one-on-one with investors. Executives and management from OICR will also be available to provide insight into the Institute’s goals and up-and-coming translational oncology programs.

Technologies and projects being featured include cancer therapeutics delivery, ultrasound therapy, high-throughput screening, and immunotherapy. Companies and institutions presenting their projects and technologies will include Harmonic Medical, DLVR Therapeutics, Privacy Analytics, TORCell Therapeutics, Xagenic, and OICR, University Health Network, and the University of Toronto.

More details are available from Tricia Swanson, at or 646-378-2953.