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Nobel Laureates to speak at Pittcon 2016

Pittsburgh, PA – Two Nobel Laureates will be speaking at Pittcon 2016, which takes place from March 6 to 10 in Atlanta.

W. E. Moerner, the Harry S. Mosher professor of chemistry and professor of applied physics at Stanford University, will present the Wallace H. Coulter Lecture on Sunday March 6, entitled “How Optical Single-Molecule Detection in Solids Led to Super-Resolution Nanoscopy in Cells and Beyond.”

And on Monday, March 7, Eric Betzig, group leader at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, will speak at the 27th James L. Waters Symposium.

Eric Betzig, W.E. Moerner and Stefan Hell won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering efforts in the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, which brings optical microscopy into the nanodimension that has formed the basis of super-resolution nanoscopy.

This year, the Waters Symposium will focus on super-resolution microscopy and will discuss the introduction of commercial super-resolution nanoscopy instrumentation.

More details are available on Pittcon’s website.