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UofT supercomputer fastest in Canada

Toronto, ON – Even with the hype surrounding tablets and smart phones, nothing beats a big heavy computer for power and speed. The newly installed IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer at the University of Toronto’s high performance computing facilities is considered the fastest in Canada and 67th fastest of the world’s top supercomputers according to

This computer is a key part of the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP), a partnership between U of T, Western University, IBM, the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and five academic partners (McMaster University, University of Ottawa, United of Ontario Institute of Technology, Queens University and the University of Waterloo). SOSCIP was officially launched in April with a mandate of pursuing collaborative research focused on solving critical challenges within cities, health, water and energy systems, as well as in the area of agile computing.
The IBM Blue Gene/Q has more than 40,000 water-cooled processors – the equivalent processing power of 3 million smartphones, or 6,500 new, high-end laptops. The system is approximately 30 per cent faster, 10 times smaller and uses five times less electricity than Canada’s previous top supercomputer.