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$5M awarded to prostate cancer research team

Toronto, ONDr. John Bartlett of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (principal investigator) and his team of 14 co-investigators from several provinces have been awarded the $5 million 2014 Movember Team Grant. Their research is entitled ‘The prostate cancer program project in rapid development of novel diagnostic markers for early prostate cancer (PRONTO)’. PRONTO is aimed at determining whether men need aggressive treatment by providing accurate information about their risk at the time of diagnosis.

“PCC’s team of international reviewers identified the team research project that is poised to have the greatest impact in prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment or prevention and the Movember funding ensures that we have the resources required to generate results,” says Rocco Rossi, president and CEO at Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC).

“Approaching prostate cancer research from different angles promotes innovation and development in research centres across Canada. At the heart of this research is translating those findings into more effective diagnosis at the clinical level,” says Dr. Bartlett.

Bartlett’s research brings together co-investigators from across many disciplines, including:

  • David Berman: Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • Ralph Buttyan: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Craig Earle: Institute for Clinical Evaluative Studies, Toronto, Ontario
  • Andrew Loblaw: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Glenn Bauman: London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario
  • Paul Boutros: Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, Ontario
  • Antonio Finelli: Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Jacques Lapointe: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • Paul Park: Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Ontario
  • Eileen Rakovitch: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Refik Saskin: Institute for Clinical Evaluative Studies, Toronto, Ontario
  • Axel Thomson: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • Theodorus van der Kwast: Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
  • Vasundara Venkateswaran: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario