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$26.3M awarded for research in arrhythmia

Ottawa, ON – The Canadian Arrhythmia Network (CANet) is receive a total of $26.3 million over five years from the federal government to collaborate on research aimed at reducing premature deaths and suffering caused by heart rhythm disturbances.

The study co-principal investigator is Dr. George Wells, director of the Cardiovascular Research Methods Center at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. The network is lead by Dr. Anthony Tang, based at Western University.

The researchers will focus on heart conditions that cause irregular heartbeats, which often lead to potentially fatal cardiac arrests and heart attacks.

“Building highly specialized networks, like the Canadian Arrhytmia Network, brings together the best and brightest from across the country with one top priority in mind: making all Canadians healthier. The Heart Institute congratulates Dr. Wells, Dr. Tang, and the research team at the Heart Institute for this tremendous achievement, and recognizes their exceptional commitment towards cardiovascular research,” said Dr. Thierry Mesana, president and CEO of the Ottawa Heart Institute.