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Pre-clinical cancer study receives NRC funding

Edmonton, AB – CV Technologies says it is launching a pre-clinical study to investigate the effects of CVT-E002 in treating immune deficiency related cancers as part of its ongoing strategy to develop natural therapeuticals for disease prevention and health maintenance.

The pre-clinical study, to be conducted in collaboration with McGill University in Montreal, Quebec will investigate the potential of CVT-E002 to ameliorate leukemia caused by viral infection. The study will also provide further detailed understanding of the effect of CVT-E002 on cancer killing mechanisms in relation to the immune system.

“This study highlights the significant potential of CVT-E002 for prevention and treatment of immune deficiency related cancers," says Dr. Jacqueline Shan, the company’s president, CEO and chief scientific officer. "The decision to proceed with the study was based largely on promising preliminary results.”

The National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program is providing funding for the project.

While CVT-E002 is in the developmental phase for immune-related cancers, it has a patent for formulation and many preventative, immune-related, therapeutic applications such as cold and flu infections, hepatitis, HIV, and primary and supportive cancer therapy, according to the company.

Current therapies for many cancers are often coupled with severe debilitating side effects. CVT-E002 is a potential alternative either as an adjuvant or primary therapy for cancer because numerous clinical trials have demonstrated it is safe and well-tolerated. CVT-E002 specifically targets non-specific, cancer killing immune cells, such as natural killer cells. The NRC-funded study will provide laboratory efficacy and dosage information for possible future clinical studies in cancer patients.