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White paper outlines how to contract chemical tracking to service provides

Fairfield, CA – ChemSW has released a new in-depth white paper that examines best practices for contracting chemical inventory management to managed services providers. Titled “How to Successfully Contract Chemical Tracking to Managed Services Providers”, the white paper investigates the ins and outs of chemical inventory contracting.

The ongoing economic turmoil is driving many organizations to look for new ways to streamline workflows, refine process efficiencies, reduce operating costs and implement technology that increases productivity. Contracting chemical inventory tasks to a chemical management services firm or implementing an on-demand web-based SaaS solution are two means of accomplishing these goals regardless of the business type or size.

When a managed services company is utilized, the organization hires the managed services vendor to act as the on-site arm for chemical inventory management. The managed services company performs either a portion or all the logistics associated with chemical inventory. In the case of a SaaS solution, only the software management portion of the task is contracted.

“Managed services companies have been a part of the business operations scene for many years,” explains Jon Webb, ChemSW technical support specialist. “The best managed services organizations have deep knowledge of the products, processes and systems that their customers use, and provide a portfolio of service solutions that cover major processes in the supply chain. In the case of Chemical Management Services, such a portfolio includes procurement and Just-in-Time delivery as well as all key inventory management tasks associated with managing, tracking, and disposing of chemicals, solvents and reagents.”

The white paper details the benefits to contracting chemical inventory management and what to expect from the managed services company or SaaS solution. To request a copy, visit