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New research chair to focus on the horticultural industry

Vineland, ON – A new $3-million research chair in nursery and landscape science has received a $100,000 contribution from the Ontario Horticultural Research Foundation.

The new chair, to be located at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph will focus the availability of information and technical transfer to industry stakeholders, using communication networks at Landscape Ontario, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the University of Guelph.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, University of Guelph, Landscape Ontario and Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation have worked together in design of this new academic role. “Today we have taken the first step of many towards establishing a critical mass of science knowledge specific to the needs of our sector. In 2010 we will be focused on securing final contributions and selecting an individual for the position.” said John Wright, president, Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation.

The research chair will also fit with the science program at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. “Environmental horticultural research is a significant component of our research mandate at Vineland. We know rapid and responsive research and innovation can speed access to new opportunities for growers and landscape agri-business. There is tremendous potential for continued positive growth in this sector, the research chair will bring a heightened level of focus to the science,” said Dr Jim Brandle, CEO, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.