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Stump Us winner not stumped anymore

Calgary, AB – At the recent ISBER meeting, Computype asked for labeling challenges that would “Stump Us” and the attendees responded. There were several applications presented that stretched the companies label capabilities, but their favorite was from the University of Calgary.

The Neurologic and Pediatric Tumour and Related Tissue Bank at the university needs to identify multiple slices of tissue taken from an original sample. Each derivative needs to be labeled with information pointing back to the original, as well as the date that particular slide was processed.

Computype’s proposed solution is a customized piece of software linked to a cab EOS thermal transfer printer the prize offered to the winner. The user scans in the original 2-D symbol on the bottom of the tube; they then specify a suffix to append to the original identification number, along with the current date. A 2-D symbol is then printed by the EOS printer and applied to the slide. A unique self-laminating label contains all the information, and its image is protected from staining and exposure to other chemicals in subsequent processing steps.