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$2.1M translational chair in cancer appointed

Edmonton, AB – Lynne Postovit, PhD, has received an AIHS Translational Health Chair in Cancer from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS). She will receive approximately $2.1 million for the seven-year research program.

Dr. Postovit is a newly appointed associate professor in the department of Experimental Oncology, within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta who specializes in ovarian cancer. She was recruited from the University of Western Ontario and holds several other chair appointments as well as patents for potential therapeutic drugs based on stem cells factors involved in cancer development. As an AIHS Translational Health Chair, she will work with scientists and clinicians in other provincial research programs to discover new targets for the treatment and earlier detection of ovarian cancer. She and her team hope to make research advances that will lead to improved care and treatment for women battling other cancers, including breast cancer.

AIHS is partnering with the University of Alberta for this AIHS Translational Health Chair, which Dr. Postovit will hold for seven years. Other agencies that helped recruit her include the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation (administered through the Women & Children’s Health Research Institute) as well as the Noujaim and Sawin-Baldwin families.