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Turbopumps offer fast pump-down times

Plug-and-play turbopump stations are designed for applications requiring fast pump-down times in R&D, accelerators, analysis, surface physics and vacuum processes.


The turbopump stations offer flexibility, high performance, long service life, and modular design for easy integration into the users’ process. Integrated drive electronics reduce the need for cumbersome cabling. Newly developed materials double the service life of the drives while functional aluminum housing makes the turbopump stations extremely light for easier handling. Run-up time has also been reduced so that the desired vacuum level is reached sooner. Remote pump performance review and integrated sensors allow analysis of temperature and other pertinent data. A sealing gas connection safeguards the bearings against particulate matter or oxidizing gases providing high reliability in both light duty and harsh duty applications. The turbopump stations also feature reduced rotation speed for no gas load and an electromagnetic valve that shuts off the ACP pump during power down situations.


Pfeiffer Vacuum



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