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MSI camera has powerful analysis software

Multispectral imaging (MSI) camera has powerful analysis software that allows the user to perform dozens of image processing functions and view the results on a live action image output. Applications include water quality measurements, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication.


The fully configurable MSI camera has a wideband imaging sensor that is responsive from the visible through near infrared spectrum. Precision filters and imaging optics can be customized for a variety of applications with image speeds of up to 30 fps at full resolution. Images from the eight different filters can be acquired and saved at a rate of three full image stacks per second. The optical filters are easily changed in the field and can be constructed to end users’ desired specifications including narrow bandpasses, wide bandpasses and edge filters. By selecting discrete filters in and around spectral areas with the most significant differences, the camera creates images that show vivid contrast not detectable with the human eye.


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