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Environmentally friendly, calomel free pH sensor electrodes

These mercury-free electrodes are available in a glass body or in virtually unbreakable, chemically resistant thermoplastic. The Calomel Free pH and Reference Electrodes offer the high performance levels of calomel electrodes without the hazardous mercury associated with the design. Suitable for laboratory, industrial, and commercial applications, they features an Ag/AgCl-based double junction reference with a silver ion trap that prevents contamination with the silver-sensitive sample. The reference output is adjusted to deliver the same output as Calomel electrodes using a silver chloride reference. They are available in a convenient combination model featuring a pH measuring cell and reference cell in a single body, with separate reference half cells also available and can be had in both sealed and refillable reference styles. Gel-filled sealed references are maintenance free, while refillable designs extend electrode life with a refillable reference electrolyte.


Calomel Free pH and Reference Electrodes

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