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Drying HPLC fractions containing water

HPLC purification fractions can be notoriously difficult to dry. The acetonitrile or methanol seems to evaporate easily enough but the water presents more of a challenge. Genevac have developed a multiple stage method to enable HPLC purification fractions to be easily dried in the fastest safe way possible. A white paper is available from Genevac that details a high throughput methodology, using its HT Series II centrifugal evaporator, for drying High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) fractions containing water. The HT Series II centrifugal evaporators have a number of features that assist labs looking to efficiently and safely dry aqueous HPLC fractions. These include Dri-Pure that eliminates the unwanted effects of solvent bumping; SampleGuard that prevents heat damage to samples while ensuring rapid evaporation and Auto-Defrost & Drain that enables volatile solvents to be collected and safely disposed of.


The white paper

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