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Bottletop burette provides titration

Provide titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes this bottletop burette automatically detects the direction of rotation for seamless transition between filling and dispensing. Accuracy is achieved through a magneto-resistive measurement system that detects actual piston rod movement. Suitable for most titrants in concentrations up to 1 mol/L, the instrument mounts directly on most titrant bottles, eliminating poured transfer, while the large digital display eliminates meniscus reading errors, and a recirculation valve simplifies priming. Designed for titrations performed as part of QC testing in food and beverage facilities, the titrating tube adjusts for length and height to accommodate any size titration vessel. The compact design fits conveniently on the bench top and battery power makes the Titrette suitable for use in the lab or field.

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. 

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