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Thermometer saves many readings

This Memory-Card Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer can capture 5.9 million readings and store them on the supplied 256 MB removable SD memory card. It saves readings from once a minute up to once every 720 minutes. The sealed GRAS bottle sensor is insulated from rapid temperature changes and protects food and water from possible contamination. Micro-thin 79″ cable makes it easy to close refrigerator door and creates an extra tight seal. Minimum/maximum feature displays highest/lowest readings for any time period. The alarm is settable in 0.1° increments and when temperatures rise above/fall below user set points is sounds and display flashes. Data from the card can be used on any computer for instant reporting to spreadsheets/databases. The unit meets all CDC, federal and state refrigerator thermometer requirements.

Two probe models available — 1 x 2½” bottle or 0.16 x 1″ stainless-steel stick. The temperature range is –22 to 158°F (–30 to 70°C); resolution 0.1°; accuracy ±0.6°C (0 to 50°C), ±1.2°C (–30 to 0°C, 50 to 70°C).

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