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An Effective Solution for Large-Volume Sample Evaporation

Genevac announces free access to a popular webinar ( that introduces the novel technology behind their ROCKET evaporator and describe how technological advances have addressed the shortfalls of traditional large-volume sample evaporation techniques. The patented ROCKET technology is demonstrated using customer data showing highly efficient evaporation of environmental samples and HPLC fractions.

Fast, sample safe evaporative removal of large volumes of solvent is of considerable interest to many environmental, natural product, medicinal chemistry and chiral synthesis labs. Current techniques used for these applications have many shortfalls and there is no credible parallel sample evaporator for large volumes.

The Rocket Evaporator incorporates revolutionary new technology that enables it to dry or concentrate as many as six large-volume flasks or up to 18 Accelerated Solvent Extractor (ASE®) tubes in a fraction of the time taken using conventional rotary evaporators.


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