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Genevac and Dionex sign worldwide distribution agreement

Ipswich, UK – Solvent evaporation instrument maker Genevac has entered into an OEM agreement with ion chromatography specialist Dionex. The agreement will see Genevac’s high-speed evaporator being sold as part of Dionex accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) instruments.

The high-speed evaporator is designed to enable rapid concentration or evaporation of up to six 400ml flasks or up to 18 ASE vials simultaneously. The samples can be concentrated directly into an autosampler or storage vial, eliminating the need for manual sample transfer. The manufacturers say the elimination of manual transfer steps and the automation of the evaporation / concentration process improves laboratory workflow, increases reproducibility of results and maximizes sample recovery.

“We are delighted to have Dionex as a partner,” says Ian Whitehall, Genevac’s sales director. “They bring to the agreement an unrivalled reputation within the chromatography and sample preparation market and proven global reach via their sales teams. We believe that this agreement will help enhance the product offerings and reputations of both companies and look forward to working with Dionex.”

Genevac is part of the SP Scientific group within SP Industries and was founded in 1990. Dionex manufactures and markets liquid chromatography and sample preparation systems, consumables, and software for chemical analysis.