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Scientists receive $7M new funding from Terry Fox Research Institute

Toronto, ON – The research teams of Drs Andras Nagy, Tony Pawson (Apotex Chair in Molecular Oncology), Sue Quaggin and Jeff Wrana (Mary Janigan Research Chair in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics) at Mount Sinai Hospital have been awarded continued funding from the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), through a Terry Fox Team Grant of almost $7 million over five years.

The Terry Fox Foundation is funding four Canadian major research programs through a new partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), titled the Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grants Competition at CIHR.

“We are extremely grateful to the Terry Fox Research Institute and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for their vision and for recognizing the power of our science,” said Dr. Nagy.

The Mount Sinai researchers have received approximately $11 million from the Terry Fox Research Institute and its Terry Fox Foundation since 1985, and Dr Nagy has been the Team Grant lead at Mount Sinai since 2004.

“The Terry Fox Foundation has funded many outstanding researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital,” said Dr Victor Ling, president and scientific director of the Terry Fox Research Institute. “The foundation is pleased to support this important New Frontiers Program Project Grant led by Dr Nagy. This team of prominent and nationally and internationally renowned scientists will tackle some very important and fundamental challenges in cancer research today.”

The new funds will support the researchers in their investigations into the formation of blood vessels in solid tumours, and their assessment of targets for the development of new therapies designed to cut off blood vessels from feeding tumours (antiangiogenesis).