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Katrina: The Canadian Impact now available online

Toronto, ON – The economic effects of Hurricane Katrina and its ensuing floods will be impacting the North American economy for some time as the human and material toll continues to reveal itself.

Last week, the company that publishes Laboratory Product News — Business Information Group of Hollinger Canadian Newspapers — created a special online supplement that examines the impact of the hurricane in the 25 Canadian markets we serve. The supplement was sent to our electronic newsletter subscribers on September 7.

This is the first such electronic supplement our company has produced. In it, our editorial products have been brought together, so readers have a rich selection of industry perspectives — from the scientific, mining, energy and transportation groups, the insurance sector, the environmental group and many others.

If you haven’t done so already, make a point of checking out the Katrina supplement on, to find out what a large Canadian trade publisher can do. We welcome your feedback.