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Global health research gets $2.4M boost

Ottawa, ON May 12, 2003 A total of C$2.4 million has been allocated to 27 researchers in Canada by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The researchers will study a wide spectrum of global health issues over the coming year.

The funding was announced last week by Anne McLellan, minister of health, along with Dr John Frank, scientific director at the CIHR.

“Research is critical to addressing common health issues facing the world’s population,” said Minister McLellan. “This innovative program will help ensure that the knowledge gained through health research is shared by all, regardless of geography.”

The funding will allow the researchers to study the complex problems of global health by working in conjunction with counterparts in poorer- and middle-income countries. This program is intended to build research teams that are not only multi-disciplinary, but multi-sectoral and multi-cultural in design.

The funding recipients are as follows:

Alary, Michel, Universit Laval. Prevention of HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa: behavioural and technological approaches, $100,000

Andersson, Neil, Canadian Institute for Energy Training (Ottawa). IDEA Iterative dengue ecosystem adaptation: an international transdisciplinary knowledge transfer intervention, $100,000

Bassett, Kenneth, University of British Columbia. Women and children last: building an international team and developing methods to study inequity in eye care, $50,000

Beiser, Morton, University of Toronto. Enhancing capacity to combat health hazards in the Niger Delta, $95,122

Blanchard, James F, University of Manitoba. The determinants and societal impact of the HIV epidemic in India: Research program development, $99,480

Boyce, William F, Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario). Transforming violent gender relations to reduce risk of HIV/AIDS among South African young women and girls, $100,000

Boyle, Michael H, McMaster University. Environmental influences on child health and development: a global health research program, $100,000

Chen, Yue, University of Ottawa. Influences of smoking and ETS on pregnancy outcomes and infant’s health and evaluation of intervention measures after birth in China – application to develop a program of research, $99,940

Collet, Jean-Paul, Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital (Mtl). Proposal for developing a collaborative research program in China and Canada to optimize chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma management, $90,670

Daar, Abdallah S, University of Toronto. Genomics and global health: developing a global CIHR network to address ethical, policy and regulatory issues, $62,700

Daniel, Mark, Centre Hosp de l’ Universit de Montral (CHUM). Social context, psychosocial status and obesity in indigenous peoples of Canada and Australia: mapping and testing multi-level pathways for intervention, $98,850

Hamilton, John R, Montreal Children’s Hospital. Infrastructure for Canadian participation in a mother child health international research network, $75,000

Jha, Prabhat K, St Michael’s Hospital (Toronto). HIV-AIDS prevention now (HAPN) India: study of HIV-1 transmission in Tamil Nadu, India, $100,000

Johri, Mira, Universit de Montral. Caring for HIV/AIDS in Latin America in the era of HAART, $96,193

Kipp, Walter, University of Alberta. Support for persons with AIDS and their family members in sub-Saharan Africa, $50,000

Kuhnlein, Harriet V, McGill University. Indigenous peoples’ food systems for health promotion, $75,000

Labonte, Ronald, University of Saskatchewan. Health, globalization, Africa and the G8: promises kept, broken, right or wrong, $99,314

Martin, Douglas K, University of Toronto. A global priority setting research network, $100,000

Rashed, Selim, Universit de Montral. Planification d’un rseau Nord-Sud d’valuation multicentrique des stratgies de traitement aux anti rtro viraux, de counselling et de mobilisation sociale: dterminants et impacts de l’observance sur le pronostic et les modifications des comportements sexuels, $75,000

Skinner, Harvey A, University of Toronto. Building Arab-Israeli cooperation through health research, $100,000

Spiegel, Jerry M, University of British Columbia. Developing a research program on globalization, social organization and health, $100,000

Spiegel, Jerry M, University of British Columbia. Building an ecosystem health research program on effective methods for controlling and preventing vector-borne and other infectious diseases in the Americas, $75,000

Thurston, Wilfreda E, University of Calgary. Women’s participation in domestic violence health policy development, $74,695

Young, Kue, University of Toronto. Under four flags: development of an international research consortium for Inuit health, $100,000

Yusuf, Salim, McMaster University. INTER-HEART: a global research program in cardiovascular disease prevention, $99,794

Zlotkin, Stanley H, Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto). Establishing an iron supplementation strategy to reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia among infants and young children in India, $100,000

Zwarenstein, Merrick F, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Ctr. Pragmatic trials in health care systems – international network to facilitate RCTs for priority health problems, $75,000