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Canadian auto research supported with $20M in funding

London, ON – Auto research projects are receiving $9.5 million in funding over two years from the federal government through the Networks of Centres of Excellence program. An additional $10.5 million is being provided by 240 private and public sector organizations, including automakers, parts suppliers and materials companies. As a result, more than 300 researchers at 43 universities across Canada will receive funding support.

“Canadian consumers are looking for new, cutting-edge vehicles that are advanced, efficient and green,” said Jim Prentice, federal minister of industry, in making the announcement. “Right here in Canada our researchers are stepping up to deliver, and our government is proud to be investing in these projects that involve more than 500 Canadian researchers.”

The science and engineering-related projects that received funding can be found below. Information includes project name, project leader and university.

Health, safety & injury prevention:
– Injury Prevention in the Auto Industry: Dr Jack Callaghan, University of Waterloo
– Advanced Seat Design: Dr Doug Romilly, University of British Columbia; Dr Jennifer Durkin, University of Waterloo
– Enhanced Child Safety in Automobiles: Dr Andrew Howard, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto; Dr Anne Snowdon, University of Windsor
– Childhood Automobile Safety: Dr Beth Bruce, Dalhousie University
– Enhancing Vehicular Mobility in Older Adults: Dr Michel Bedard, Lakehead University; Dr Jan Miller Polgar, University of Western Ontario
– Safe Platform for Evaluating/Enhancing Driver Qualifications: Dr Denis Laurendeau, Universit Laval

Materials and Manufacturing
– Laser Welding of Thermoplastics: Dr Phil Bates, Royal Military College
– Powder Metallurgy for High-Performance Automotive Components: Dr Carl Blais, Universit Laval
– High-Efficiency Machining Processes: Dr Mohamed Elbestawi, McMaster University
– Wrought Magnesium for Auto Parts: Dr Marek Niewczas, McMaster University
– Fine-Celled Foam Structures for TPO Components: Dr Chul Park, University of Toronto
– Renewable Biofibres and Biomaterials for Interior Parts: Dr Mohini Sain, University of Toronto
-Processing Technologies of Light Materials Cast Components: Dr Steven Cockcroft, University of British Columbia
– Optimization of Composite Manufacturing by Resin Injection: Dr Pascal Hubert, McGill University
– Chemically Enhanced Formability of Automotive Aluminum Alloys: Dr Dmitri Malakhov, McMaster University
– Magnesium Casting Processes II: Dr Jeff Wood, University of Western Ontario
– Hydroforming of High-Strength Steels: Dr Michael Worswick, University of Waterloo
– New Generation Steels II: Dr Stephen Yue, McGill University
– Welding and Joining of Advanced Materials: Dr Norman Zhou, University of Waterloo
– NVH Design of Magnesium Alloys-Based Front Dashes: Dr Noureddine Atalla, Universit de Sherbrooke
– Advanced Tribology for Products and Manufacturing: Dr Ahmet Alpas, University of Windsor
– Micro-Machining of Dies and Moulds: Dr Yusuf Altintas, University of British Columbia
– Next Generation Compaction System: Dr Jack Jeswiet, Queen’s University; Dr Il Yong Kim, Queen’s University
– Magnesium granule Micro-Structure of Semi-Solids: Dr Hani Henein, University of Alberta

Powertrains, fuels and emissions:
– Hydrogen Safety and Infrastructure for Hydrogen Vehicles: Dr Pierre Bnard, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres
– On-Board Fuel Cell-Powered Auxiliary Power Units: Dr Brant Peppley, Queen’s University
– Combustion of Low-Emission Automotive-Tailored Natural Gas: Dr Steven Rogak, University of British Columbia
– Ultra Clean Diesel Engines: Dr Nasser Ashgriz, University of Toronto
– Enabling Biodiesel Fuel Use for Sustainable Mobility: Dr Murray Thomson, University of Toronto
– Flexible operation of HCCI Using Intelligent Control: Dr Charles Koch, University of Alberta
– Battery Storage and Optimization of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles: Dr Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba
– PEM Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications: Dr Xianguo Li, University of Waterloo
– Low-Cost High-Density Storage for Fuel Cells: Dr Boyd Davis, Queen’s University
– Computer-Aided Design of Catalytic Converters: Dr R. E. Hayes, University of Alberta

Design Processes:
– Collaborative Design Tools for Distributed Multidisciplinary Design Projects: Dr Stephen Lambert, University of Waterloo
– Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Inspection in Manufacturing Processes: Dr Brian Surgenor, Queen’s University
– Model-Based Damage Diagnosis of Components: Dr Faouzi Ghrib, University of Windsor
– Hybrid Active Safety Systems and Intelligent Grid Interfacing: Dr Greg Rohrauer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
– Life Cycle Environmental Assessment and Policy: Dr Heather MacLean, University of Toronto
– Productivity and Safety in Non-Structural Speed Fastening: Dr Zbigniew Pasek, University of Windsor

Intelligent systems and sensors:
– Integrated Navigation and Communications Systems Development: Dr Elizabeth Cannon, University of Calgary
– Vehicle Communications and Applications: Dr Brahim Chaib-draa, Universit Laval; Dr Soumaya Cherkaoui, Universit de Sherbrooke
– Cephalo-Occular Behaviour & Visual Search Patterns of Drivers: Dr Denis Laurendeau, Universit Laval
– Smart Technologies for Improved Acoustic Environment in Automobiles: Dr Alain Berry, Universite de Sherbrooke; Dr Patrice Masson, Universite de Sherbrooke
– Electrical Power Management and Safety Systems: Dr Wai Tung Ng, University of Toronto
– Dynamic Collaborative Driving: Dr Jan Huissoon, University of Waterloo; Dr Francois Michaud, Universit de Sherbrooke
– Wireless MEMs-Based Sensor Nodes for Intelligent Systems: Dr Luc Frechette, Universit de Sherbrooke
– Distributed Intelligent Sensing and Control for Factory Automation: Dr Jonathon Wu, University of Windsor
– Vehicular Telematics over WiFi and WiMax Multihop Networks: Dr Victor Leung, University of British Columbia
– Inertial Sensor Cluster for Adaptive Path Prediction: Dr Edmond Cretu, University of British Columbia.