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Three accurate inverted research microscopes

Offering researchers flexibility to customize their microscopes and adapt to tomorrow’s demands, the three microscopes inOlympus’ IX3 line of inverted research microscopes are easy to use, accurate and reliable. The IX83 is a fully automated high-end research microscope platform while the IX73 modular microscope system can be configured in manual, semi-motorized or motorized versions to benefit a range of research applications. The IX53 system microscope is designed for quick and efficient routine examination of multiple tissue samples. The stands provide a choice of manual control, encoded manual, semi-motorized operation, or fully automated high-speed motorization. The IX3 is suitable for live cell imaging and the new systems offers thermal stability. All three systems deliver sharp, bright images and are manufactured from lead-free glass. The real-time controller delivers precision in high-speed imaging, with microsecond timing accuracy for high-speed devices such as light sources, triggered cameras, and other TTL-controlled devices. A fly-eye fluorescence illuminator provides even, bright illumination across the specimen, allowing a much wider field of view and filling the chips of even large-format cameras.


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