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PTFE tubing transports corrosive chemicals

Highly chemical and corrosive resistant tubing is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and can be used to replace glass, rubber and stainless steel. It is extremely resistant to the most highly corrosive chemicals such as aqua regina, hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen peroxide, among others. Only molten alkali metals, such as sodium or potassium, chlorine trifluoride and gaseous fluorine at elevated temperatures and pressures will attack PTFE chemically. In addition, the manufacturer says no solution will swell or dissolve PTFE at temperatures below 300°C. Only at temperatures above 327°C PTFE’s crystalline melting point, will some fluorinated lubricating oils swell PTFE. The PTFE tubing is odourless, tasteless, non-wetting and non-leaching. PTFE also offers ease in cleaning, anti-stick properties, resistance to extreme heat and cold and resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Parker Hannifin- Parflex Division / TexLoc

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