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Portable mini GC system lowers analysis times and costs

Powerful, shoebox-sized, lightweight, portable gas chromatograph (GC) is designed for use in soil and water remediation, security and safety, industrial processing, quality-control applications and many laboratory applications. The instrument can outfit each technician or field site to provide real-time data for analysis on-site or to be sent immediately to the supervising chemist with the use of a cell phone.

The instrument is based on Seacoast’s SeaPORT Mini GC, which uses MEMS technology originally developed for the Army Research Laboratories, and is integrated with the Forston Labs LabNavigator. It has the ability to acquire, monitor, and analyze data from up to six simultaneous sensor inputs. This means compliance personnel can dramatically shorten the time needed to verify critical changes in environments or processes. Shortened response times lower remediation costs dramatically.

Seacoast Science/Forston Labs


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