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Fast sample concentration with high recoveries in the lab

The disposable Vivaspin Turbo 15 is designed for protein, virus or nanoparticle concentration as well as desalting, dialysis and buffer exchange. It is available in a range of volumes from 4 to 15ml and permits easy and complete recovery of the concentrate, while offering what the manufacturer says is the fastest ultrafiltration device on the market. Lab technicians can concentrate biological samples within 10 to 30 minutes and obtain macromolecular recoveries of more than 95%. In a single spin, 15 ml solutions can be concentrated up to 150 times. High flow rates are achieved due to the twin vertical membranes, which minimize protein polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane. The optimized design and sleek internal profile of ensures maximum process speeds down to the last few microliters. Sartorius



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