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Easy-to-use solution for sample preparation

Magnetic beads have a high binding capacity for efficient purification of biotinylated biomolecules and enrichment of target proteins. The beads provide simplified handling, as rapid capture is facilitated by magnetic devices whilst delivering scalability and high yield, from low microlitre to high milliliter scale sample volumes.

The beads support reliable sample preparation for downstream analysis and have a more than 400-fold enrichment factor to enable an increased identification rate of target proteins. The magnetic beads are hydrophilic with a high density to ensure the beads do not aggregate, so avoiding sample loss and increasing yield.

In addition, a new magnetic rack provides easy handling and supports sample capacities of up to 50ml, to provide capture of low-expressed target proteins from larger sample volumes. It consists of an anodized aluminium housing with a detachable plastic bar containing a neodymium magnet, one 15ml tube and one 50ml tube can be placed in the rack.

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