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Balance enclosures offer protection during weighing

Mettler Toledo has introduced enclosures by Labconco for protection during the weighing process. The enclosures are specifically designed to protect the analyst during the weighing process. They feature a patented air foil which sweeps the work surface to maximize the containment of powders, particulates, and fumes to ensure operator safety. Operator safety is further assured by the enclosure’s airflow monitor that continuously monitors airflow to alert the user when velocities are outside of the preset range; an LED light glows green when airflow is within range, and changes to red accompanied by an audible alarm when airflow is outside the set point range. An ergonomic design and interior dimensions make this product suitable for micro and analytical balances, and the chemical resistant marble base provide the greatest stability. The enclosures also feature epoxy-coated aluminum and steel tempered safety glass to dissipate static, reducing potential for weighing errors.

Mettler Toledo


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