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Advanced light hazard meter

With four channel technology and an alphanumeric four line backlit display, the Gigahertz-Optik’s X1-3 Light Hazard Meter with the XD-45-HUV UV-hazard detector, XD-45-HB blue-light hazard detector and XD-45-HB-SRT200 FOV and distance adapter fulfills the requirement for a handy field portable meter for product classification and light hazard assessment. It will read-out the two separate multi-sensor/filter detectors required to conform to IEC 62471 guidelines for both UV and Blue light hazard assessment. The unit covers the full ACGIH / ICNIRP UV spectral effectiveness function using two sensor/filter/diffuser combinations providing separate ACGIH UV-A (325 to 400 nm) and ACGIH UVC/B (250 to 325 nm) spectral responses for increased accuracy by reducing spectral mismatch errors. The multiple detector design ensures proper isolation between the ACGIH, UV-A and UV-C/B spectral regions, important when assessing UV-A rich sources. A third sensor UV-A (315-400 nm) is included for assessing eye hazard.


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