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Achieve rapid multiplexed imaging with this system

High-content imaging system has been developed for researchers who are looking to increase the productivity of their high-throughput imaging. Manufacturer says the acumen hci is the fastest imager on the market for multiplex assays in up to 1536-well plates. With a new open-source image format, users will have the flexibility to analyze images on their existing analysis software if required. Together with whole-well imaging, these features make the system suitable for identifying “hit” wells in cell-based screens.


The system can image and analyze the whole wells of a 96- to 1536- well plates in 8 minutes, at a resolution of 0.5 µm/pixel. This enables the effective screening of high-density plates and facilitates assay miniaturization, with associated increase in throughput and reduced costs. Data is robust and insightful even during rapid screening, and up to three lasers allow for easy multiplexing using a wide range of fluorescent dyes.


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