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UHPLC system supports multiple methods

Reliable and consistent data is of critical important when it comes to biocompatible analysis. The Vanquish Flex ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system offers high speed, resolution and sensitivity, allowing users to obtain consistent and high-quality data when performing biocompatible analysis. The system’s integrated modular design also gives users the ability to mix and match modules depending on the demands of the application.

The system is suitable for labs developing methods that range from high-throughput analyses to pharmaceutical quality-control applications.

Designed to provide sharp peaks at high throughputs, the system allows more data to be analyzed in less time. Data quality is ensured via the robustness and repeatability of the system to ensure that large sample sets can be analyzed for comparison during QC protocols. Key features include a new quaternary gradient pump module, performance operating at 1000 bar maximum pump pressure, with flow rates of up to 8 mL/min, and a new fluorescence detector for increased sensitivity. Thermo Scientific

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