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Titration analyzer system drives productivity gains

The new single-row Metrohm 855 Titration Analyzer System features an integrated autosampler. Occupying less than two linear feet of bench space, the analyzer drives a productivity gain for those who have a low sample count or are analyzing a high volume of samples. Multi-row configurations of the system are also available for higher sample counts or lower analysis volumes.

The new potentiometric titration configuration brings an increased level of simplification for single-analyte testing by customizing the instrument to the individual needs of the laboratory.

Through a straightforward, consultative process the proper electrode, user-interface and titration conditions for the analysis method are determined. Once these critical parameters are decided, a unique analyzer configuration is established for the method. To best match the ergonomics of the laboratory, systems can be controlled from either tiamo computer software or from a colour, touchscreen interface.

The manufacturer says the new packages simplify routine analysis allowing us to address individual applications, therefore streamlining the workflow in the lab. Metrohm

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