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System bridges HPLC and UPLC methods

Quaternary liquid chromatograph is designed to give analytical laboratories running established LC methods a clear choice for replicating or improving their separations performance. An addition to the ACQUITY product line, the new ACQUITY Arc System is engineered to respond to the needs of analytical scientists for a single LC platform that can enable them to transfer, adjust or improve their methods efficiently, regardless of the LC platform upon which they were developed. Waters says it intends to begin shipping the system to customers at the end of this month.

To date, scientists working with established methods have not had an LC platform versatile enough to bridge the gap between HPLC and UPLC. The manufacturer says that with this system, scientists now have the ability to emulate the gradient dwell volume and mixing behavior of various LC systems. By selecting the appropriate fluidic path, the system can easily emulate a variety of HPLC systems without altering the method’s gradient table, or provide UHPLC performance with the flip of a switch. Waters Corporation

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