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Spectrophotometer extends capabilities to deep ultraviolet

The VUVAS CCD-UV Absorbance spectrophotometer capitalizes on the speed and sensitivity of direct detection, ultraviolet-sensitive CCD detectors. Faster data acquisition enables more complex data sets involving spectral response vs. temperature or time. Fast acquisition also protects against potential measurement errors due to changing sample or environmental conditions. No parts move during measurement and the system attains very high reproducibility and wavelength calibration. For absorbance measurements from 120 to 215 nanometers, for example, users can collect the entire range with better than 0.5 nanometer spectral resolution in milliseconds.

Spectrophotometer applications include spectral characterization; deep UV optical absorption spectra; absorption spectra v. cryogenic temperature; transient absorbance / kinetics; material science; and energy and efficient lighting research.

The spectrophotometer features an open concept sample area. It works with commercial cryostats as well as sample cells having magnesium fluoride or other UV transmitting crystalline windows. A three-position sample mount for one-inch diameter optical samples is standard equipment. The computer optimized optical system delivers focused monochromatic light from deuterium or xenon sources to the sample. In addition to material or optical characterization, the applications include process control, measuring optical transients or kinetics. Specialty detectors with time resolution on order nanoseconds are optionally available. McPherson

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