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Novel hairless mouse model is triple immunodeficient

Hairless NOD.SCID mouse model, the SHrN, is triple-immunodeficient and is suited for humanization and tumour xenografts. The model, which has applications in oncology and immunology-related research, was developed for use by academic, government, biopharmaceutical, and contract research scientists. Production will be managed in multiple Harlan facilities in the United States and Europe.


The model combines several highly desirable characteristics into one research model.  It has both a functional deficit in NK cells and a deficiency in T and B cells. Preliminary phenotyping results have demonstrated promising benefits in cell uptake and tumour growth. Additionally, it has the advantage of a marked decrease in cell leakage compared to other SCID models.  Genetic consistency is ensured through inbreeding which limits unwanted variability in research efforts.  Lastly, as a hairless model, the SHrNTM eliminates the need for shaving and enhances the observation of tumour growth and imaging clarity. Huntingdon Life Sciences and Harlan Laboratories

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