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Highly efficient ChIP assay kit for FFPE samples

Due to the cross-linking of proteins by formaldehyde, FFPE tissues have traditionally presented a particular challenge for ChIP analysis. In addition, the small size and delicate nature of the tissue, and the difficulty in extracting samples from paraffin, used to provide tissue support after preservation, can damage complex cellular complexes such as chromatin. ChIP assays from these samples until now have therefore proved time consuming and difficult.

The new Formaldehyde Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) ChIP Kit overcomes the widely acknowledged shortfalls of the technique.

Available in 96-well or spin column formats, the kit provides greater flexibility and more IPs per sample. In addition, it is proven to work well across a range of human and animal FFPE samples. The kit works equally well with high or low abundant marks and provides sufficient DNA to perform library preps for ChIP-seq assays. Chromatrap, a unit of Porvair Sciences

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