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Ceramic enables machining complex parts with high thermal conductivity

A composite sintered body of AlN and BN specifically addresses machining difficulties associated with the brittleness and hardness of traditional ceramics. The material, Shapal Hi-M soft, can be machined into small or complex shapes and is suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to its special combination of properties:

High-precision, close-tolerance components can be machined using a wide range of techniques including drilling, grinding, turning and milling. The material has high thermal conductivity, approximately 4X that of alumina and at least 50X that of machinable glass ceramic. It also has high mechanical strength with a flexural strength of 300 MPa, comparable to alumina.

Additional advantages include excellent electrical insulation, low thermal expansion, low dielectric loss, excellent high-temperature properties, and suitability for vacuum applications.

Typical applications include prototyping and small volume production, electrical components, heat sinks, vacuum components, jigs and fixtures, and crucibles for vacuum applications.

Available as rods and sheets or as finished components precision-machined to customer drawings. Goodfellow

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