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Vibration-free incubators suitable for protein crystallography

Available in four models, bench-top chilling incubators are vibration free and offer temperature ranges of 4.0° to 70.0°C. The units are Peltier-based for heating and chilling. As such, they have no compressors or CFCs and are vibration-free, making them suitable for doing protein crystallizations. Other applications include incubating marine samples below room temperature, enzyme reactions and deactivations, hybridizations, ligations, storing oocytes, and general lab incubations. Two models are fully programmable and two are simple digital controls. Chamber sizes are 27.5 L and 55.0 L. They feature PID temperature control, digital display and accuracy to 0.1°C and RS232 I/O port for remote control and data collection.

Torrey Pines Scientific


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