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Titrator runs four independent multi-tasking workstations

Potentiometric titrator is designed to run four titrations and stirrers. This allows the end user to do different types of titration including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel. Configuring multiple titration stations with an automatic sample changer is also available.


The instrument has reliable high-speed communications with no response time lag and results appear in real-time. The compact design reduces bench space by 25%. A new burette design allows automatic reagent exchange quickly and efficiently. Each titration station can control up to 10 burettes. A new sample changer accommodates a wide selection of test tubes, beakers and conical flasks. It also is equipped with an auto shut-down function. Comes with a large size, colour touch-panel screen, allowing for easy monitoring of any station and providing real-time pH calibration and stability.


JM Science



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